AUTOLIFE is an automotive service which employs professional staff, who in turn are ready to take on all car related works of any degree of difficulty. Our employees are constantly undergoing additional training and developing their skills. We are always on the lookout on how to further improve our garage and to widen our expertise in order to provide you with an even broader list of services. As of today we offer:

Car Diagnostics:
  • - Comprehensive digital diagnostics with the use of specialised software packages;
  • - Diagnostics focusing on all electrical parts and systems of the vehicle;
  • - Diagnostics focusing on car chassis;
  • - Diagnostics focusing on engines and gear boxes;
  • - Comprehensive pre-purchase diagnostics of the entire vehicle.

Hybrid Cars’ Maintenance and Repair:
  • - General maintenance and repair;
  • - Diagnostics of hybrid systems;
  • - Hybrid systems’ repairs.

Mechanical works:
  • - Change and repair of any engine;
  • - Change and repair of gear boxes, both mechanical and automatic. One of the unique selling points of our garage is the fact that we offer repairs for DSG automatic gear box, which are installed in Audi, VW and other cars manufactured by the VAG group;
  • - Change and repair of reduction gears and transfer cases of gear boxes;
  • - Change and repair of car chassis;
- Other works related to mechanical parts and equipment of the car;

Electric works:
  • - Change and repair of circuits and wiring;
  • - Change and repair of generators, starters and other electrical parts and systems of the vehicle;
  • - Installation of car alarm systems and turbo timers;

Our company is also involved in ordering and shipment of auto parts from other countries to Cyprus. This fact allows us to offer our clients more lucrative deals on spare parts, as our prices come off as more advantageous than the market average.
Especially for our clients we have developed a package of additional services, such as:
  • - We may collect your car from you at any desired time, even when you’re at the office; and then return it to you ourselves once the works on the vehicle will have been done;
  • - We will offer you a courtesy car, while yours is being repaired at our garage;
  • - If you wish to drop your car off at our garage we can take you home or to your office, and then collect you once the vehicle is ready.

We always offer 24/7 road assistance to our clients:
  • - Flat tire change and/or repair
- Jump starting your car if your battery is dead;
  • - Arranging for a tow truck;
  • - Assisting you in case of an accident;

Our team is a perfectly functioning mechanism which is readily available to assist you and your car at all times.
AUTOLIFE also houses an eponymous professional rally team, which is actively partaking in local and international competitions. Autolife Rally Team took part in 2017 and 2020 editions of the largest and most challenging motorsport competition on the planet – The Dakar Rally. We are the first and only team from Cyprus to have achieved such feat.

Our team is always happy to see you at our automotive service!